Month: Juli 2017



Athlought in last minute, everything was set perfectly to welcome the Festival of Fashion and Beauty for the 4th time in El Gouna. The lifestyle and Fashion Event tool place on July 14th at the magnificent ANCIENT SANDS Hotel.
Everyone of the Team enjoyed the 2 weeks at the luxurious Ancient Sands Hotel and the 39 contestants of the TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD had a full Diary of different activities from Oasis Dinner, a trip over the Red Sea with a Catamaran and Camel Riding.
The 39 ambitious and talented Models have been performing on Stage and have been represented their countries in this year´s TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD 2017 Pageant
All delegates have been well received by PRO TOURS and brought to the Hotel. Accompanied by TV and Media it was a real enrichment what with no doubts nobody will ever forget.
The Show itself selected first the TOP 20, then after performing in Swimwear and Evening Gown the TOP 10 were selected. The TOP 6 came right after and Congratulation to UKRAINE, SAN ANDRES (Colombia), MEXICO, SEYCHELLES, PHILIPPINES and BELARUS.
The title QUEEN OF EUROPE went to Alexandra Waluk, the MISS GLOBE title to Nora Muja (KOSOVO) and the 3 subtitles PHOTOGENIC AWARD to Seychelles, BEST BODY AWARD to Belarus, BEST EVENING GOWN to Vietnam.
Margo, former TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD had indeed a stressfull year behind with travelling around the world and new job offers.
Watch out now for 2018 – TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD will be held in the exotic Island of Grenada (Caribbean) at the Silver Sands Hotel.

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14.07 -15.07.2017 Conclusion


 Hey to all….what can I say. It didn´t work for me for the TOP 10 but I came into the TOP 20 and guess, I got the Title MISS GLOBE!

YEAHHHHHHHH I assume it was the decision during the Interview as I answerred all questions very well such as what is the biggest Metropole in the World – TOKIO 😉 watch Fast and the Furious Part 3 and you know;) then 3 Metropoles with over 10 Mil people, Tokio (again, yes), Seoul and Mexico. Soem other questions but lets talk about tonite. The Show started a bit later about 10 min. and we had a great opening in white Dresses. Then 19 of us had to leave the Stage and some were very disapointed, not telling Names but Faces told me. I feel sorry but thats it, a competition. Then I had to change into Evening Wear and used a solver long Dress which I also used for the Top 20 selecction the night before. After the part we dressed in Swimwear provided by a Sponsor with nice Crystalls and the Name TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD 2017 so cute. I didn´t feel so well in the Swimwear Part as I know that I have some punds to get rid of after the food here but well, now its to late. Obviously I didn´t make it in the Top 10 but that´s OK. My room made who was already not even in the Top 20 freaked out backstage and some others too…HEY GIRLS IS A CONTEST ! Oh my god yes I loved to be in the Final of the Top 10 but that´s not the end of the World and just remember the lovely Days we shared. Now its time to announce the Top 6….exciting as this means some others do say Bye from the stage so who came Backstage was South Sudan, Egypt, Thailand and Hungary. Who will be now? Ukraine? Belarus? Seychelles? Philippines? Mexico or San Andres? My Tip? I guess Mexico or Ukraine as both are very nice but all others are also so sweet especially Philippines. Oh had to go back on Stage with all other girls as now the Special Awards will be given.

22.50 – UKRAINE is the new Top Model of the World followed by San Andres and Mexico. I heard later that Seychelles was 4th, Philippines was 5th and Belarus 6th. I got (as said above) the title MISS GLOBE, Poland won Queen of Europe well, she may have received her points from the Judge who did participate with her together in a contest last year as I had someone else in mind for this title but its also OK, Poland was nice all 2 weeks and very quite. Photogenic was Seychelles which is absolutely OK as she is so sweet and looked like Rihanna that night. Belarus althought she won Best Body Award and was in TOP 6 was crying like a Baby. My god what is going on? Sure everybody like to win but wake up, you have a title and you are in Top 6 so what is the problem? Now as its over I do not really feel relaxed, still full of Adrenalin and ready to dance the night away but first I have to inform my parents, my firend so MOBIL on and chatting! The Ancient Sands ordered a nice Dinner for us so we met in the Restaurant and THANKS so much we were all so hungry. Great that they kept the kitchen open and now the Bus will bring us at midnight to the After Party at Aurora Club.

I will close now the Diary, I had an amazing time here. I can say that I will remember those Days forever, thankful to the Organization, to the amazing people here at Ancient Sands and El Gouna, to the Chaperones and the Assistants. Also to the girls I miss them for sure and hope to see some of them soon again. This is the last note and when I was asked to write the Diary I told them not to publish my name before as I do not want that anybody thinks I have an advantage by that but I like to observe and I like to use this also as an amazing experience. I was grateful to be invited and I spoke with some girls and they agreed as well, we felt like a big Family and this is what a good contest makes it, a great organization who cares of us, a great Hotel and Food (no I am not a Food Junkie;) and a good time – we had all of this. About the results of course you can discuss but isn´t this always the same? A subject decision of each person who has to judge? I go Home with my Miss Globe Crown, new friends and tons of photos from El Gouna and the Girls. I will for sure come back and maybe with my Family to El Gouna, a place like no other (its the commercial line;) THANKS TO ALL AND KISSES FROM YOUR DAILY REPORTER

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14.07.2017 Finale – DAYTIME

Finale – DAYTIME

OK now the Day we all were looking for is now. The FINALE !!! Finally but honesty I could have enjoyed some Days more as a Finale Day means as well to say GOODBYE soon to my roommaid to new friends and to all the nice and sweet staff here in the Hotel. We had a great time and many of us became friends but of course some are taking all to serious and lets see if they still like each other after tonights results;) hahaha some are favorits, well at least among us but let´s see. The Judges, how interesting, mainly women this time are with us since some Days e.g. the Top Model of the World 2011, the Queen of Europe from last year and Miss Intercontinental 2016. Today I saw also the reigning winner, Top Model of the World 2016 from Bulgaria, Margo Cooper. She looks so elegant. Also 3 men are in the Panel, one from Switzerland, owner of a Model Agency, YEAHHHH I want, and a Doctor from Berlin. We started the last rehearsal this morning at 6 am ! Uff but this is the onliest time where you can do it as otherwise it is too Hot. Now its time to visit FELIPE, the Hairstylist and Make up Artist. I decided to do my hair on my own, also the Make up as some of us made appointments. The service is free of charge so it is certain that he has all hands full of work. The stage looks amazing ! I have never been on such a long ramp and also the lightning is amazing OH MY GOD I get nervous!

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12.07.2017 Rehearsal


Alright its getting serious now, the Rehearsal starts, finally althought the Stage isn´t ready, strange??? But I guess its because of the heat as I am sure also the people here do not like to worl during the Day especially not in this HOT HOT HOT Days

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11.07.2017 Photoshoot / Dinner Aurora

Photoshoot / Dinner Aurora

 Today the Organization chosed some contestants during the Interview for some special photos, I think the outcome is awsome! Hope you like it;)
At Night we enjoyed a lavish Dinner at our lovely Club AURORA. Hmmmm to much food and all taste sooo good, made by the chef Mr Luka. So after we stayed for a while and some of us where dancing and some other just chilled after the Dinner.

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