About Top Model of the World

WBO, World Beauty Organization, SRL – specialized in modelling events worldwide

What having Top Models like Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bündchen in common? Their carrier started with the participation in a Model Contest. The delegates who become part of the World Beauty Organization personify the combination of beauty and intelligence, which defines the beginning of the 21st Century. In keeping with its global view and position as creator of role models, the WBO has a new corporate structure and enhanced corporate goals.
Since the beginning in 1993 just very few “brands” or entertainment properties reach an over a decade anniversary. The World Beauty Organization pioneered a new kind of global industry based on beauty and talents. Starting out of their base in Panama the WBO established a company and brand that launched and defined the modeling industry as the agency renowned for innovating model events.

WBO is planning and organizing the 30th Top Model of the World pageant in 2023 in one of the most beautiful countries. Up to 50 agencies worldwide (national beauty organization, media and modelling agencies) are producing their own castings and show-events to select a national winner. The winner then is competing in the Top Model of the World Pageant. There is a rich history of bringing together some of the most impressive, beautiful and interesting women from many cultures and the WBO and their partners helping them to achieve their goals.

Top Model of the World has a long national and worldwide tradition.

This year will mark the 30 edition of the Pageant, which began in 1993 in Miami / USA. For three consecutive years, it was a fixed place in the annual show-calendar of the sunshine state Florida, USA. Celebrities have attended the Show produced by the “Globana-Group” and it’s President, the brother of Tennis Pro, Goran Ivanisevic. In 1996 the WBO in Panama with former President Guillermo Bobbio secured the rights to stage the Event and with partners it was produced for the first time outside of the USA in Germany. Soon the Top Model of the World attracted extensive media worldwide and besides provided a major opportunity for Sponsors and Partners to showcase their products to the entire world. After productions in various cities in China, the Top Model of the World took for the first time ever place in Hurghada, Egypt. In Cooperation with the “Steigenberger” Middle East, as official Host Hotel and Partner, Media from over 20 countries joined the first Model Event in Egypt ever in 2007 and watched the German Model Alyssandra Alores (Snow) becoming the winner. Alyssandra is living now in LA and is working as an actress.

The WBO, producer of the Top Model of the World, works throughout the year with private enterprises, state and foreign governments to stage the Top Model of the World Pageant and to provide the best Platform for the representatives from around the World. Main criteria for WBO to select a city of any country is the one offering the optimal venue and support to the Pageant. Today, the WBO SA is enjoying applications of over 50 countries annually and continues to innovate and influence the industries of modeling and fashion.


Nobody had ever an idea how successful the Top Model of the World Pageant would become in 1993. From a fashion competition, introducing sportswear to the USA, the Top Model of the World transformed into an international, annual event with numerous, beautiful and talented young women from around the world. All of them are vying to become a part of our organization and the “Top Model of the World” history. Fascinating sites, interesting countries, fully choreographed shows and travel opportunities attracting those ambitious and desireful women to compete. Every year we have millions of fans watching the Top Model of the World pageant and with the time, we were able to evolve the early contest into a powerful, word wide acting organization with the goal to search and look out for the most beautiful women of all continents.
The contestants who are competing in the Top Model of the World organization are modern, attractive and strong in their characteristics.
They are performing excellent and are aware of their careers and their personal goals, what they want to achieve in their lives.

WBO Contestants

TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD Delegates should be at least 17 years old and not older than 32 (in the year they participate in the Finale).
They can be married and even have given birth to a child. The way to the Title is not easy. WBO works with “First Class”- Modelling agencies and National Directors around the World. The delegates chosen from the national pageants, participate in local and/or state pageants first. The national winners become delegates for the national pageant. The delegates must win their respective national pageants in their countries to compete in the annual Top Model of the World or being elected in a special casting to participate.


The WBO is the exclusive Producer of the annual TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD Pageant. Based in Santo Domingo and in Panama we are preparing each year the perfect set up for the next Top Model of the World.
WBO is staffed by directors, designers and specialists in the fields of beauty and modelling as well TV production, to licensing and travel. WBO is able to reach every state in the world.
The TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD Pageant was formerly known as a “kick off” event in the Beauty and Model Industrie as it was for many years the first Pageant of the year and it was generally held in February or March. Today, WBO is able to set the date of the Pageant to every month required by our Partners.
Maximum 50 countries vie for the national title to compete in the annual TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD. Nevertheless, WBO is able to bring on request up to 80 Models from around the World to compete in the largest Model Event ever. Top Designers from all over the World can use our Event as Showcast and Platform for their extravagant clothes and their Fashion Production.