FAQ about Top Model of the World

Who is broadcasting the competition?2019-07-10T10:41:48+02:00

We are always negotiating with the TV Channel in each country. They will receive the right to broadcast the event either Live or Taped.

When is the Top Model of the World competition held?2021-02-10T10:11:57+01:00

Usually the pageant takes place between December and February.

What requirements a delegates must meet?2021-02-10T10:15:37+01:00

The delegate for the annual Top Model of the World pageant must be at least 17 years of age and under 32 years of age. She can be married and also can have given birth to a child.

What prizes do the winners receive?2019-07-10T10:39:04+02:00

Each Titleholder is awarded cash and prizes from the event’s official sponsors as well as a manamgement contract with WBO for one year.

How old is the competition?2021-02-10T10:17:27+01:00

The Top Model of the World competition was held 1993 for the first time in Miami and was founded by the Globana Group. 1996 the WBO took the pageant over and is untill today the Producer. In 2021 WBO will celebrate the 27th anniversary.

How many Models are competing in Top Model of the World?2019-08-26T13:36:01+02:00

Every year between 40 to 50 delegates, depending of the TV production and hotel opportunities.

How is the winner chosen?2019-07-10T10:37:47+02:00

All delegates are judged in three areas of preliminary competition: Interview – Swimsuit Competition – Evening Gown Competition The scores of the swimsuit and evening gown competition are entered into a computer. The delegate with the highest score is the winner. The following ones are the runner ups.

How is the Host Country chosen?2019-07-10T10:14:42+02:00

WBO officials are working throughout the year with interested companies, agencies and/or city governments. The city or country offering the optimal venue and the best support to the WBO will be chosen.

How do the delegates get to the international competition?2019-08-26T13:37:49+02:00

We are working with selected National Directors in nearly all countries in the World and most of them have their own national competition to select a winner for the Top Model of the World. Apart of that, a National Director can also be a Model Agency and sometimes we do exept “freelancer” who need proof that they have worked already successfully in the Modelling Business.

Are the events held in a different place each year?2019-08-26T13:39:00+02:00

Not really, althought it was held many years in Germany, after starting in Miami in 1993. Then in 2005 and 2006 in China and the last years in Egypt.

Are delegates allowed to have cosmetic surgery?2019-07-10T10:36:05+02:00

We usually appreciate the own natural beauty of each delegate. However there are no restrictions on cosmetic surgeries. The modern time makes it impossible to enforce such a law or rule.

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