THE FINAL – 2022

Welcome to the 29 Top Model of the World Pageant.

The 29th final was successfully held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. 43 Models joined the 2 weeks competition, which was held for the fourth time in Egypt. Photoshoots and Videoshoots have taken place daily but also some Modelpartys with a special Motto like the 70/80 Party, the Glamour Night or the Black & White Dress Party. In a special Bikini Competition, Hayley Ghiller from Malta was chosen by the Models as BEST BIKINI MODEL by WBO. As well, the 43 Models have chosen the winner of the BEST STYLE and the title went to Thailand. One of the Highlights of the competition was for sure the Boat Trip on the Red Sea where Dolphins have been seen and where the Models enjoyed a special Meal in the Desert. We thank our Partner and official Host, the Sunrise White Hills, for the 2 weeks accommodation and support.

TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD can be a gateway to a whole new career and new job opportunities. It is always important to keep a clean social media profile to make a great platform.
We were pleased to announce that the 29. Top Model of the World pageant will be held for its first time in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt with luxurious accommodation in one of the best Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, THE WHITE HILLS RESORT. The gorgeous winner is Mariana Macias followed by Leicy from Colombia and Model Sadani from Sri Lanka.

Most successful winner Loredana Salanta from Romania was a Judge of Honor and joined the Judging Panel of the Finale of TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD  on March 3rd, 2023.
A part of the Top Model Award the WBO is also honoring the Models with 2 exclusive titles, the Queen of Europe and the MISS GLOBE, both winners of the year before were taking part in the Jury and enjoyed a 2-week stay with us. The Top Model of the World 2022 were streamed live from the conference center of the White Hills Hotel.


Meet the models of 2022/23

Argentina • Australia • Austria • Botswana • Brazil • Beneluxe • Bulgaria • Belgium • Canada • Colombia • Costa Rica • Czech Republic • Dominican Republic • Ecuador • Egypt • England • Europe • Finland • Germany • Hungary • Hong Kong • India • Ireland • Kazakhstan • Kenya • Kosovo • Malta • Macedonia • Maldives • Mauritius • Mexico • Nigeria • North America • Peru • Philippines • Puerto Rico • Romania • Serbia • Sierra Leone • Sri Lanka • Sweden • South America • Trinidad & Tobago • Thailand • USA • Venezuela • Zambia • Zimbabwe

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Habiba El Shaer-Top Model of the World-Jury 2022

Habiba El Shaer

is the Marketing Director of the Sunrise Group, a leading Hotel and Resort Group in Egypt who is also operating several Cruise Liners on the Nile.

Chris Hoffmann-Top Model of the World-Jury 2022


is the founder of D-ROCK Champagne a deluxe brand of finest Champagner filled in stylish and unique bottles and distributed worlwide

Chloe Ellman Baker-Top Model of the World-Jury 2022


is the 2021 QUEEN OF EUROPE from England

Slavi Kutchoukov-Top Model of the World Jury 2022


is an entrepeneur and the founder of Slavi Coin as well a brillant real estate Agent living in Dubai

Sohri Schümann-Top Model of the World-Jury 2022


is the 2021 MISS GLOBE from Germany

Loredana Salanta-Top Model of the World-Jury 2022


is the former TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD Winner from Romania



The 5 Star Deluxe Crystal Bay will be the Home for the 47 contestants.
Strive for the outstanding and experience an unforgettable stay where luxury and natural beauty meet at SUNRISE White Hills Resort.
Exquisite modern architecture with a choice of refined materials provide a stylish atmosphere. The resort comes with a wonderful garden surrounding bathed in brilliant blue skies and sunshine. Newly opened in November 2022 with over 8 different a la card Restaurants and excellent service we are thrilled to enjoy this new Flaggship of the Sunrise Group



Sharm El Sheikh is an Egyptian city on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, in South Sinai Governorate, on the coastal strip along the Red Sea. Its population is approximately 53,670 as of 2022. Sharm El Sheikh is the administrative hub of Egypt’s South Sinai Governorate, which includes the smaller coastal towns of Dahab and Nuweiba as well as the mountainous interior, St Catherine and Mount Sinai. The city and holiday resort is a significant centre for tourism in Egypt, while also attracting many conferences like the COP27 which was recently held in November 2022.


Mariana Macias from Mexico is the 29th winner of TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD. In the new Congress Center of the White Hills Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, the 43 contestants from around the World celebrated the 2022 Top Model of the World pageant. All Models arrived on February 20th to enjoy the Hospitality of Sunrise Resorts and Cruises, one of the best and most recognized hotel chains in Egypt. Visiting various hotels, the Models were able to see the Red Sea, going snorkeling and had different shootings with star photographer Arafa Ahmed from Cairo. Mariana was chosen by an international panel of judges from Romania, England, Dubai and Germany. For the first time Mexico won the contest and first runner-up was the Model Leicy Rivas from Colombia followed by Sandani Peiris from Sri Lanka.

TOP 15 in Order:

1. Mexico – Mariana Macias
2. Colombia – Leicy Rivas
3. Sri Lanka – Sandani Peiris
4. Dominican Republic – Danilka German
5. Thailand – Looksorn
6. Sweden – Isabella Ahs
7. Ecuador – Ana Paula Maroan
8. Puerto Rico – Andreina Vega Rosa
9. Trinidad + Tobago – Leitisha Clarke
10. Zambia – Kunda Mwamulima
11. Maldives – Mariyam Nassem
12. Georgia – Tamari Kalandadze
13. Romania – Alexandra Maria Mecu
14. Estonia – Eliise Randmaa
15. Serbia – Tara Racunica


1. Mexico – Mariana Macias
2. Colombia – Leicy Rivas
3. Sri Lanka – Sandani Peiris
4. Dominican Republic – Danilka German
5. Thailand – Looksorn



Awarded to THE Model who can be as well a Beauty Queen (Europe contestants only)

QUEEN OF EUROPE – Eliise Randmaa – Estonia

Awarded to a Model with Beauty Skills and bilingual

MISS GLOBE – Ana Paula Maroan

SOCIAL MEDIA AWARD – selected by User (ONLINE)

1. Isabelle Ahs – Sweden
2. Andreina Vega Rosa – Puerto Rico
3. Marie Kilonzo – Germany