Finale – DAYTIME

OK now the Day we all were looking for is now. The FINALE !!! Finally but honesty I could have enjoyed some Days more as a Finale Day means as well to say GOODBYE soon to my roommaid to new friends and to all the nice and sweet staff here in the Hotel. We had a great time and many of us became friends but of course some are taking all to serious and lets see if they still like each other after tonights results;) hahaha some are favorits, well at least among us but let´s see. The Judges, how interesting, mainly women this time are with us since some Days e.g. the Top Model of the World 2011, the Queen of Europe from last year and Miss Intercontinental 2016. Today I saw also the reigning winner, Top Model of the World 2016 from Bulgaria, Margo Cooper. She looks so elegant. Also 3 men are in the Panel, one from Switzerland, owner of a Model Agency, YEAHHHH I want, and a Doctor from Berlin. We started the last rehearsal this morning at 6 am ! Uff but this is the onliest time where you can do it as otherwise it is too Hot. Now its time to visit FELIPE, the Hairstylist and Make up Artist. I decided to do my hair on my own, also the Make up as some of us made appointments. The service is free of charge so it is certain that he has all hands full of work. The stage looks amazing ! I have never been on such a long ramp and also the lightning is amazing OH MY GOD I get nervous!